English Language Proficiency (BSET)

Special Package 4.5

The crux of English language proficiency invention aims to create a dynamic and effective environment, promoting fluency, comprehension, and mastery of the English language.

  • The platform concentrates on distinct language skills like listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar, empowering learners to pinpoint and enhance their weak areas.
  • It facilitates ongoing improvement for students in an online learning environment, irrespective of their physical location.
  • Within this platform, students can refine their English language skills.
  • It produces comprehensive analytics and reports, empowering educators to scrutinize both individual and class-wide student performance, recognizing areas that need improvement.
  • Teachers provide immediate feedback to students, enabling them to promptly identify and rectify mistakes.
  • Listening
    Listening introduces Audio Based Multiple Choice Questions. After listening to the audio, students should answer the given multiple choice questions. It helps them to understand what they heard. The multiple-choice format adds an element of interactivity, encouraging active participation and critical thinking.
  • Speaking
    The platform offers an interactive environment for children to practice speaking English in a fun and interactive way. Engaging prompts and scenarios encourage them to express themselves confidently. Incorporating advanced speech analysis powered by AI, the system gives instant feedback on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. This real-time feedback helps children understand and correct their speech patterns as they practice.
  • Reading
    Reading provides engaging paragraph-based questions. After reading a paragraph, students respond to the provided questions. These questions evaluate their grasp of the content, promoting critical thinking and strengthening comprehension skills. This approach transforms reading into a thrilling and educational adventure for school children.
  • Vocabulary
    Embarking on a vocabulary journey, our tool introduces fill-in-the-blank questions where students can drag and drop the appropriate words into the blanks. This interactive and enjoyable process allows students to select the correct word and place it in the right spot, creating a visually engaging environment. The tool is designed to assist students in expanding their vocabulary in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Grammar
    Grammar provides learning English grammar a captivating and interactive experience. Drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank questions represent an innovative approach to grammar learning for school children. By infusing excitement into traditional grammar exercises, this invention aims to turn language proficiency development into a dynamic and entertaining experience, fostering a love for language among young learners.