WeXL Features

Assured Academic Program (MLP)

Our program is dedicated to ensuring a substantial improvement of minimum 50% in the academic performance of educational institutions, particularly schools and colleges.

Adaptive Learning at Class Level

Helps the topper to accelearte further and the laggards to understand and practice from basics.

Knowledge Meter

At WeXL, we have put efforts to understand and analyse the micro level learning of the students. We dive deep into subtopic and question level analytics and provide metrics to estimate their skills at a micro level.

80:20 (Pareto Principle)

The platform enables the 80:20 feature for the teacher to understand where the students are lagging in a particular topic.

Remediation Bucket

WeXL platform trusts in revisiting and brushing up skills in areas that were left behind. We provide a space where students can go through all the concepts that they could not score well in the past. We capture all their mistakes and provide help to correct themselves.

Interactive Content

At WeXL, we believe that a single picture can speak out thousand words. We provide an everlasting bank of videos which have Why videos, 3D videos, Concept videos , Activity videos, Learnmate, Simulation that are mapped respective to subject matter.


Glimpse Of Our Clients

Vikas Talent School
GMS Model Schools Manikonda
Neelkanth Vidyapeeth
Guntur Oxford Elite Techno School