Journey of WeXL


2020: Company Formation and Reward Platform Development

In the year 2020, our journey began with the formation of our company, fueled by a vision of revolutionizing education and skills development. We laid the foundation by initiating the development of a cutting-edge Reward Platform, setting the stage for a remarkable odyssey ahead.

2021: Patented Learning Management System

In the following year, we introduced a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) and made a significant milestone by filing our first patent. This step marked the embodiment of our commitment to innovation and excellence in educational technology.

2022: Pioneering Micro Learning Programs and Mobile Apps

In 2022, we achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the introduction of Micro Learning Programs (MLP), promising an impressive 50% academic improvement. This unprecedented achievement positioned us as global leaders in innovative education solutions. Moreover, we further enhanced our LMS platform with an array of innovative capabilities and launched user-friendly mobile applications.

2023: Expansion and Diversification

In the year 2023, we embarked on an ambitious expansion by launching strategic business units focused on Publisher Digitization, Academic and Productivity Solutions for Colleges & Universities, B2C Services, Global Initiatives, and Government Collaborations. This expansion signifies our dedication to broadening our horizons and making a lasting impact on a global scale.

Introducing New Volume Products

We take immense pride in introducing two groundbreaking volume products:

1. Micro-ELP (English Skills):

A revolutionary product targeting 1,00,000 schools, aiming to enhance English language skills in an innovative and effective manner.

2. DAC (Digital Assessment & Asset Center):

A cutting-edge product targeting schools & Colleges, revolutionizing digital assessments and asset management.

At our core, we remain committed to transforming education, empowering learners, and advancing society through innovation.
Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to pioneer new solutions and redefine educational paradigms. Stay tuned for more updates as we create a brighter future for education and skills development globally.